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20ft Yellow with Red Arms Air Dancer Inflatable Tube Man

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3.00 LBS
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20ft Yellow with Red Arms Air Dancer
  • Air Dancer Blower
  • Weather-Resistant Air Dancer Blower (18" Diameter)
  • Air Dancer LED Light

Yellow body with Red arms Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man attachment will help your business get noticed. At over 20 feet tall, this tube guy attachment’s bright yellow body will dance while its bold red arms will wave to help increase traffic to your store location or event. This 20ft Air Dancers brand of inflatable tube man requires the use of a 18” diameter blower fan for operation.


  • • 1 20ft Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man (as pictured)
  • • 1 Air Dancers carrying case
  • • The dynamic movement helps attract attention and bring in new customers
  • • Highest quality & longest lasting material