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Welcome to Go Big Advertising | 1(833) 402-0989



Go Big Advertising Frequently Asked Questions.  Please browse our Frequently asked questions page below. 


1.    How To Check The Status of My Order

2.    Does LookOurWay Sell Fan Blades Only?

3.    Fan Blade Replacement Instructions

4.    Air Dancer LED Light Kit Instructions

5.    Shipping Times - How Long Does It Take To Ship?

6.    Blower Warranty

7.    Air Dancer Warranty

8.    Custom Air Dancers - Order Instructions

9.    Custom Giant Inflatable Characters - Order Instructions

10.  LookOurWay Air Dancer Materials Specifications

11.  Click to View All Air Dancer Products

12.  Blower Switch Replacement Installation Instructions

13.  How To Use AirDancers Most Effectively 

14.  How Do I Setup My Giant Inflatable

15.  My Credit Card Was Billed by Torero Specialty Products LLC, Is This LookOurWay

16.  I Ordered A Custom AirDancer Set and Received The Blower, But Not The Custom AirDancer

17.  How Do I Assemble My Feather Flag And Pole Set?

18.  Do I Need A Ground Spike Pole Set or X Stand Pole Set For My Feather Flag?

19.  What Are The Electrical Specs of My Blower?

20.  Is There A Water-Resistant Air Dancer Blower?

21.  Can I Clean or Wash my Air Dancer?

22. What Material is my AirDancer Made Of?

23. Do We Do Rentals?

24. Do We Offer Reseller Accounts?

25. Do We Carry Replacement Fan Blades?

26. How Long Do Custom Designs Take?

27. What Size Blower Fits My Air Dancer? 

28. Do We Ship To Canada?

29. Do We Offer Expedited Shipping?

30. What Forms Of Payment Do We Accept?

31. What Is The Expected Lifetime Of My Air Dancer? 

32. Exact Pantone Or PMS Color?

33. Fraudulent Order Prevention Policy?

1. How Do I Check The Status Of My Order?: 

You will receive an email directly from FedEx with your tracking information when your order ships.   If you have placed an order onine or over the phone, please wait the full 2 business days for your order to ship.  If it has been over 2 business days from the time of order and you have still not received your tracking information, first, check your spam folder for the email from FedEx.  Often times, tracking info emails can be auto placed into spam folders.  If still no tracking information has been receive, please email us at sales@gobigadvertising.com (please reference your order number and the name the order was placed under). We will respond to your email with tracking information immediately.