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How do I fly the products

How to fly

Most people don't realize how easy blimps are to use. 
 Our 10ft, 13ft, 15ft ,18ft and 21ft blimps come with tail fins 
and their guy lines attached and ready to inflate. You take them out 
of their box, fill them with helium, attach them to an anchor

point and hold on to the tether line as you slowly let the
balloon up the total length of the tether line (135').
There is no mystery about flying an advertising

blimp, ball or hot air balloon shape. 
Instructions come with each product, explaining

how much helium is needed, where to get it,

and what to do about everything.
The tether line is a nylon diamond braid.

It is chosen for it's strength. Each product comes
with a plastic storage reel that holds the tether line.

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