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20ft Air Dancer Red with Black Arms Inflatable Tube Man

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3.00 LBS
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Red with Black Arms Air Dancer 20ft
  • Air Dancer Blower
  • Weather-Resistant Air Dancer Blower (18" Diameter)
  • Air Dancer LED Light

Red with Black Arms: As pictured:

Red With Black Arms 20ft Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man attachment has been designed to attract maximum attention. The two color scheme utilized on this 20 foot tall 18” diameter tube guy attachment will increase the visibility of your business. 20ft tall Air Dancers inflatable tube men are among the best street side advertising tools, with a track record of proven results.  


  • • 1 20ft Red with Black Arms Inflatable Tube Man (as pictured)
  • • 1 Air Dancers carrying case
  • • The dynamic movement helps attract attention and bring in new customers
  • • Highest quality & longest lasting material
  • Designed for 18" diameter air dancer blowers
  • However is compatible with all velcro mount blowers
  • Color or air dancer is same as pictured