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Small Feather Flag Pole Set

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Small Flag Pole Set

 The small feather flag pole set is meant for use with small feather flags. All feather flags are made up of 3 parts; the feather flag, the pole set, & the base. The pole set for small feather flag is composed of two rigid aluminum telescoping pieces, and then one flexible fiberglass top piece. When inserted into a small feather flag, the pole set gives the flag its distinct shape. The top fiberglass piece bends with the sleeve of the feather flag, pulling the flag into a perfect position so that your flag's message is displayed cleanly and boldly.

This Small Feather Flag Pole Set Comes With:

  • 2 Rigid lightweight aluminum telescoping uprights
  • 1 Flexible fiberglass top section
  • No feather flag banners included

Details of Feather Flag Product:

  • Height of pole set - 7ft
  • Pole set is compatible with all small feather flags sold on this site (full sleeve)