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Light Pole Banner Hardware

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Hardware Kit

 Hardware Specifications:

  • 2 Fiberglass Arms - 18”, 24”, or 30” inches wide.
  • 2 Steel mounting brackets with accessories
  • 4 Steel bands to secure hardware to pole

Hardware & Bracket Info:

What’s Included in The Bracket & Hardware Kit?

  • Fiberglass Poles (QT: 2)
    • 18”, 24”, or 30” Width (depending on the model you select).
  • Heavy Duty Brackets (QT: 2)
    • Heavy duty, rust resistant, and weather resistant brackets to properly affix the entire unit securely to a wide variety of poles. Included accessories; 2 threaded I bolts, two security screws, and stainless metal connection ring.
  • Steel Bands (QT: 4)
    • Heavy-duty, rust, and weather resistant steel worm gear bands are used to securely affix the hardware kit to the a variety of pole shapes and sizes, within a max circumference of 47” or a diameter of 15”.

Installation Info:

To view the full installation guide, view the Owners Manual & Installation Guide. Here are the quick notes:

  1. Attach mount to pole by using steel bands.
  2. Insert fiberglass poles into mount.
  3. Connect banner by Insert fiberglass poles through the banners hemmed pockets.
  4. To secure poles, slide pin through mount connect poles to mount.
  5. Hand screw i-bolt into hole on mount.
  6. Fasten zip ties through brass grommets and to i-bolts.

Dual Light Pole Banners:

Light Pole Banners are commonly ordered and used in sets of 2. This gives a very symmetrical and professional look and feel to your messaging. If you’d like to order dual banners, all you need to do is select (QT: 2) at checkout. That’s it!