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Carrying Bag For 12ft Feather Flag Complete Set

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 The Carrying Bag for the Go Big Advertising 12ft Feather Flag complete set is the essence of the feather flag product; simple, bold, easy to use, and portable. If you need to bring in your feather flag each night, or if you're getting ready to send your trade show display items to the show site, then the carry bag for 12ft feather flag is perfect for you. Slip your feather flag off the pole set, pop the poles apart and slide everything into this durable carry bag. It even has slots for your ground spike or X Stand. Keep your flags clean, and your poles shiny new with this feather flag essential.

Features Of This Feather Flag Carrying Bag:

  • Carry handles
  • Separate slots for:
    • Pole Set
    • X Stand
    • Ground Spike (velcro strap to keep in place)
    • Feather Flag(s)
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Shoulder strap
  • Dimensions: 50" x 9"