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20ft American Eagle Inflatable Balloon

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60.00 LBS
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American Eagle Balloon

Giant Inflatable Eagle Advertising Character by Go Big Advertising.  The giant inflatable eagle is an unbelievable way to draw attention to your businesses sale or event. Popular with auto dealers and furniture retail locations, this Giant Inflatable Eagle figure is designed and produced by Go Big Advertising.

Giant Inflatable Eagle - What Comes In The Box:

Production time 14-Days

  • 20ft Giant Inflatable Eagle 
  • 1 Rope Set
  • Blower is included 
Giant Inflatable Eagle Specs: 
  • Height:  20ft Tall
  • Materials:  Highest quality PVC Vinyl based coated material
  • Shapes:  Body, Feet, Talons, Head, Face, and Wings
  • Custom Print:  Stars, Stripes, and Face
  • Steel D-ring Harness Anchor Points:  12 Strategically placed throughout the figure
  • Can customize balloon or print (extra cost)
  • Also available in size: 10ft $980.00/ 15ft $1680.00 / 26ft $2730.00 / 33ft $3430.00/39ft $4600.00