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Reusable Vinyl 3 Balloon Cluster Kit Set

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9.00 LBS
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Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Kit With Ground Stake Pole
  • Double-Action Hand Pump
  • Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump

 3 Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Ground Stake Pole Kit. Nothing says "look over here!" quite like a cluster of balloons. Traditional balloons however will only make you look good for a day. Reusable outdoor balloons will give you that fresh crisp hot promotion look for months on end. The 3 balloon cluster ground stake pole kit can be placed anywhere you you can hammer in the accompanied heavy duty ground stake. Once erected, your 3 balloon cluster kit will stand tall and look continuously new, securing the attention your store or event deserves. Easy to assemble and inflate, this 3 Balloon Cluster Ground Stake Pole Kit comes with the following industry leading components:

  • 3 Reusable Outdoor Balloons (choose colors from drop down menu above)
  • One aluminum cluster pole with snap-button locators and quick mounting brackets
  • 3 of the industry's toughest 41" coated fiberglass stems
  • 3 Upper holding cups
  • One 30" ground stake with secure ground plate stabilizer for straight upright assembly