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Reusable Vinyl Balloon 4 Balloon Cluster Kit

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Reusable Vinyl Balloon Light Pole Kit - 4 Balloons
  • Double-Action Hand Pump
  • Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump

 4 Reusable Vinyl Balloon Light Pole Kit. A 4-pack of beautiful always perfect reusable helium-free outdoor balloons flying high above your lot, store, restaurant, or event location is an awesome way to maximize your available advertising space. Easy to inflate, with a wide choice of vibrant colors, the 4 Balloon Light Pole Kit attaches easily onto both a square or round shaped light pole without drilling or making difficult material alterations to the pole. The included worm-gear band clamps, working in combination with the 4 angled stem connection brackets, will tighten down securely and as high up the pole as you require, to let your advertising and promotion plan go vertical. This 4 Vinyl Balloon Light Pole Kit comes with the following industry leading components:

  • 4 Reusable Vinyl Outdoor Balloons (choose colors from drop down menu above)
  • 4 Angled Light Pole Brackets with easy turn-lock connection systems
  • 4 of the industry's toughest 41" coated fiberglass stems
  • 4 Upper holding cups
  • 2 Worm-gear band clamps each measuring 10" in diameter