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Heavy Duty Sandbag for Pop Up Tent

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Heavy Duty Sandbag for Pop Up Tent


This simple anchor system is as easy as it comes. When you are ready to erect your Pop Up Tent, attach the Heavy Duty Sandbags to each leg with the velcro straps. Fill both pouches of the bag with sand or rocks from nearby. When you're done with your event, simply dump out the sand or rocks, roll up the Heavy Duty Sandbags, and toss them into your Pop Up Tent bag for next time.

The Pop Up Tent is the simultaneously a powerful attention getter, as well as a creative advertising shelter for you and your team to gather and serve your customers. Be sure to secure it in place easily with the Heavy Duty Sandbag anchor system.

Features of the Heavy Duty Sandbag include:

  • One Heavy Duty Two Chamber Sandbag
  • Can be rolled up and tossed into your Pop Up Tent bag when not in use
  • Assembled dimensions: 20" (Tall) x 10" (Wide) x 5" (Deep)
  • Included velcro straps to secure to  Pop Up Tent leg
  • Will hold rocks, sand, or any other readily available solid objects
  • Zipper top keeps material in and hidden for a clean look