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Custom Budget Pack Outdoor Advertising and Inflatable Products

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Custom Budget Package
  • Air Dancer LED Light

 Custom Budget Pack will outfit you with all you need for your upcoming event or promotion. This basic but all inclusive package will be certain to get your event noticed. Fully customize each item with the text, logo, and color of your choice.

Included in your Custom Budget Pack are:

  • 1 - Custom 6ft Air Dancer
  • 1 - Air Dancer Blower (9" Diameter - 1/4hp)
  • 1 - 5ft x 5ft Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy Complete Set
  • 1 - 6ft Custom Fitted Table Cloth
  • 1 - 5ft Custom Feather Flag
  • 1 - 5ft Custom Feather Flag
  • 2 - Pole Sets for 5ft Feather Flags
  • 2 - Feather Flag Brackets (to attach the feather flags to the 5ft x 5ft Pop Up Tent)
  • 2 - Small Feather Flag Ground Spikes

With this set you will be able to attract your customers attention both from high up via your two 5ft Feather Flags and from eye level with your 6ft Air Dancer. Once at your booth you will then be able to shelter your staff and customers under your boldly branded Custom 5ft x 5ft Pop Up Tent, and serve them at your Custom branded table