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Custom 13.5ft Helium Hot Air Shape with Artwork 2 Sides

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 Custom 13.5ft Hot Air Shape with Artwork 2 Sides


Most people don’t realize how easy blimps are to use. Our 9.5ft, 13.5ft, 17.5ft come with tail fins and their guy lines attached and ready to inflate, right out of the box!  Just fill them with helium, attach them to an anchor point and let them go up the full length of their tether lines (135′). There is no mystery about flying an advertising Hot Air Shape. Instructions come with each size Hot Air Shape, explaining how much helium is needed, where to get it, what to do about everything.

Will send proof before production starts

Each Product comes with a repair kit.

Filling & Flying Instructions
Each product comes with the appropriate

This heavy duty 4 panel custom helium Hot Air Shape package includes:

  • 13.5ft Custom Helium Hot Air Shape
  • Double sided artwork
  • 135' Tether Line
  • Repair Kit
  • 10' hose attached to Hot Air Shape valve for filling
  • Filling & Flying Instructions
  • Instructions on where to get helium

 Artwork and Lettering Guidelines:

  • File Types: .ai, .eps, .svg, .bmp, .tif
  • Minimum 300 dpi 
  • To be displayed on Hot Air Shape at maximum area.

Standard Colors for 13.5ft Custom Helium Blimp:

  • Body: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green

 Included with each Advertising Blimp: 135' Tether Line, 4-Ft Inflation Hose, Repair Kit, Filling & Flying Instructions

 Available Colors


These are the colors of our 3.5 mil polyurethane plastic material used to make most of our products

PMS numbers   (Pantone Matching System) of our 6 standard colors

RED  PMS 186







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