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12ft Buy Here Pay Here Wind-Free Feather Flag

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Buy Here Pay Here Wind-Free Feather Flag

  • Deluxe 4-Piece Swooper Feather Flag Pole Set
  • Ground Spike for Feather Flags
  • X-Stand (Cross Base) For Feather Flags


Auto Sales Wind-Free Feather Flags

We offer a large range of wind-free flags designed, by our team of experts to promote and advertise your car dealership. They can be used to decorate in front of the building, along the side of the road, or at trade shows/sporting events to make your business stand out from the crowd.

The automotive industry is extremely competitive. This means that effective marketing is crucial to the success of your dealership. Feather flags are one of the most cost-effective ways of attracting new customers. They are a cheap and attractive promotion tool which can be installed around your exterior of your business.

These flags can attract a group of customers, which internet advertising cannot reach: people who make purchases impulsively. Of course, high search engine rankings are important, but our feather flags will help make you stand out on the street, giving you a more holistic approach to advertising and marketing.

Feather flags also serve to make your property more attractive, which will help to make customers perceive your company positively. This along with the low-price, makes using feather flags a no-brainer. Just one car sale will more than pay for the cost of a feather flag!

Check out our many unique designs that will bring attention to your car lot's most desirable attributes and take your business to the next level!

Flag Description

Our Buy Here Pay Here Wind Free Feather Flag is split into two sections. "Buy Here" is printed in large white letters on a red background on the top half, while "Pay Here" is printed in large white letters on a blue background on the bottom half. Car dealerships or any other company who offers in-house financing can use this flag to attract new customers. This flag works well to capture the attention of prospective customers in front of the showroom, along the side of the road, in front of trade show booths, as well as in many other applications. If you are looking to promote "Buy Here Pay Here" financing, then this is the perfect flag to help your company drum up new business.

Our 11.5ft x 2.5ft Wind-Free Feather Flags are constructed of 110gsm knitted polyester material which is designed to withstand the elements over time. Wind-Free Flags, which are often referred to as "Full Sleeve Flags," "Windless Flags," or "Windless Banners" feature a sleeve which extends fully around the curved portion of the flag. This feature makes the flag fully visible even when their is no wind. Wind-free flags are preferable for display in areas where there is minimal breeze or for indoor uses like trade shows and sporting events. Our Wind-Free Flags are finished with a durable black oxford sleeve and black rope tie at the bottom which keeps your flag looking fresher longer by hiding the dirt. Our unique flags are carefully developed by our graphic designers to feature the most eye-catching and striking designs that will attract maximum attention.


Our feather flags are designed to be displayed with our Deluxe 4-Piece Flagpole, and your choice of one of the following bases:

           Processing time: 1-2 Days

  • Ground Spike - display your flag in a grassy area or directly into the soil
  • Tire Base - Display your flag next to a vehicle (ideal for car dealerships)