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10ft x 10ft Pop Up Tent Frame - Aluminum

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10ft x 10ft Pop Up Tent Frame - Aluminum


A Pop Up Tent of this size is an attention grabbing advertising bastion from where you can make your company's voice heard.  With this frame you can select any 10ft x 10ft Canopy Top that LookOurWay offers to accompany it; or if you'd like to create your own, we can easily custom make one for you. While folding up into a compact package, this Pop Up Tent will not only expand to a 10ft x 10ft square, but it can also be raised up to clearances from 6ft to 7ft, while the top of the tent can be raised all the way up to 10.5ft tall!

This Aluminum model, allows you all the benefits of the extreme size, but none of the drawbacks of lugging steel around with you. The Pop Up Tent is simultaneously a powerful attention getter, as well as a creative advertising shelter for you and your team to gather and serve your customers.

Features of the 10ft x 10ft Aluminum Pop Up Tent Frame include:

  • Rugged But Lightweight 40mm Hex Aluminum Legs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 10ft (Length) x 10ft (Width) x 10.5ft (Tall - Peak)
  • High Quality Joint Components for Easy Fold and Durability
  • Easy fold breakdown and assembly
  • Folded dimensions: 68" x 10" x 10"
  • Easy push button locking system
  • Three-point adjustable height legs stretching from: 6ft up to 7ft
  • Frame Weight: 39lbs
  • Adjustable crank canopy top extension
  • Heavy duty steel foot plates for increased durability
  • Will accept all LookOurWay Canopy Tops, including custom tops